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Professional sports leagues confront homophobia

SPORTS (Troy Media) Words used as weapons hurt, sting and take root in our memories. On a playground or in a professional arena, there can be no room for slurs

Taking stock down on the farm

RURAL LIFE (Troy Media) In the wake of drought: struggling to raise calves, dreaming of a simple horse-boarding operations and preparing for the onslaught of ankle-pecking chickens

Do you have a financial plan or an investment plan?

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) A financial plan is a six-step financial planning process that starts with having an initial meeting with your prospective planner

Truth will triumph – but not without our help

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) As we embrace the truth of humanity’s most horrific actions, hateful lies lose their power, we become enlightened and the path to a better world becomes clear

Families are key members of patients’ hospital care teams

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Wards are staffed based on caring for a sick but otherwise self-sufficient patient population. The reality is patients need family caregivers in the hospital

Brief encounters can change your perspective of others

MCEWAN (Troy Media) Brief encounters, like taxi trips, help us make connections with those whose circumstances and experiences differ from ours, but with whom we share our humanity

Divide and conquer: how to deal with harsh criticism

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) We have a tendency to fixate on the most devastating of critiques, rather than focusing on the ones that offer honest, objective and useful feedback

What’s new and exciting in the gaming world

VIDEO GAMES (Troy Media) A periodic roundup of game-related subjects to keep you abreast of developments and trends (and a few other things that amuse and intrigue me)

A tempest in a cultural appropriation teapot

KINSELLA (Troy Media) For the CBC and others, a joke about cultural appropriation is more important than, you know, things like real racism

And so begins the reign of Fergus the Red

RURAL LIFE (Troy Media) Our puppy follows closely in the big, scary outdoors. And he thinks he’s hurting his squeaky chew toys and whimpers

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