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Need help connecting with people? Here’s how

Need help connecting with people? Here’s how

WOOD They have to feel they have your attention, and that requires you actually look at and listen to them (BASIC membership)

Passion is at the heart of an energetic, fulfilled life

WOOD Strive to incorporate more of what you love into your life. Seek new paths. Stop making excuses and go for it! (FREE to members)

On the sunny side of life: how to stop being so dramatic

On the sunny side of life: how to stop being so dramatic

WOOD Sometimes we get stuck in our stories – our dramas – and our friends grow weary of how often we tell them (FREE to members)

Adapting to the new normal of constant change

Give yourself permission to freak out on your own time and then find ways to move forward

Do you suffer from a false sense of no confidence?

WOOD (Troy Media) Remember, confidence is a process not a product. Allow the journey to begin

How to cope with calamity and crisis

WOOD (Troy Media) Rehearsing a state of relaxation through these simple daily exercises can help you face up to the inevitable tension in your life

Finding the inner strength to get through a divorce

WOOD (Troy Media) Confidence, direction, соurаgе and reassurance аrе constant companions in your efforts tо mаkе a successful rесоvеrу from divоrсе

Taming the irrational beast called anger

WOOD (Troy Media) When strong negative emotions kidnap the thinking brain, we become scarcely more coherent than a wild animal

How to deal with unreasonable people, and win

WOOD (Troy Media) It’s difficult to deal with idiots but once you recognize the types, you can build strategies to minimize their impact on your life

The trouble with money

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) We crave, mythologize, demonize and fight wars over money. Why can’t we just treat it with respect and maintain harmony in the home?

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