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Raphael Lemkin: the man who coined the word genocide

Lemkin lobbied tirelessly for the United Nations to adopt a definition of the word genocide

Washing away the poisons of the human condition

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) Seven fundamental principles that all of mankind’s life-giving philosophies and religions can agree on

Break free from the digital echo chamber shaping your perspective

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) Only by broadening our perspectives and asking questions can we understand the world and its diverse people

All I’m asking is for a little respect

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) People who are kind and compassionate are happier and healthier. And doing good for others has a ripple effect throughout society

Facing up to tragedy and injustice is the first step to healing

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) What if your children were taken to a place far away where they would cry themselves to sleep every night?

Committed citizens can change the world

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) While Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job in the NFL, history suggests his protest for minority rights will ultimately be successful

Hasty conclusions about the past can result in lost opportunities

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) Monuments often reveal important stories, but can gloss over details. Unless we examine the facts closely, we can end up with a sanitized view of history

Bending the arc of the moral universe toward justice

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) When we’re able to see beyond the lies of hatred, racism and segregation, we see the enriching power of diversity

High grades for Canadian students, high praise for their teachers

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) Canadian students’ results in literacy, mathematics and science are among the best in the world. What drives our schools to be so good?

Love is the most powerful force on Earth

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) It wasn’t violence that freed India from Great Britain. It was love. Weapons didn’t end the Cold War. It was people who chose to love rather than to hate

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