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Environment-friendly “plyscrapers” blocked by red tape

(Troy Media) The USDA estimates every four storeys would save the same amount of carbon emissions as created by 500 cars every year

Houston, we have a problem

(Troy Media) While scientists are cautious about attributing any particular weather event to global warming, the trend is ominous, particularly as sea levels rise

B.C. government: public transit too risky for children

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) By sending his children to school on public transit in Vancouver, Adrian Cook ran afoul of the provincial government’s nanny state mentality

Don’t just blame speculators for soaring housing prices

MUNICIPAL/POLITICS (Troy Media) Falling interest rates are an often-overlooked contributor to rising home prices in Canada’s most desirable markets

Putting a price on the movement of people and goods

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) Introducing tolls on roads and bridges to help pay for transportation upgrades is an equitable solution to a vexing urban problem

The art behind making disasters manageable

POLITICS/BOOKS (Troy Media) The book Dull Disasters examines how we can get ahead of the inevitable cataclysmic events, rather than resorting to futile generosity after the fact

Ontario government’s focus on foreign buyers misses the point

POLITICS (Troy Media) Focus instead on reducing the time it takes to obtain a building permit and the per-unit costs to comply with regulations, which amounts to almost $50,000

How to cope with scarcity in a time of disaster

BONNER (Troy Media) If a disaster wipes out a lot of inventory, that scarce or non-existent inventory has a higher value with more dollars chasing fewer goods

Heroes come in all steps and sizes

TAUBE (Troy Media) Adi Astl took matters into his own hands and built steps down an unsafe pathway in a Toronto Park which the city had been unwilling to build for 10 years

The dangerous domino effect of urban violence

MUNICIPAL (Troy Media) From seemingly harmless events, a cascade of riots and mayhem can follow. Just look at the examples in Detroit, Watts and the 1992 violence in Los Angeles

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