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Living frugally won’t improve millennial housing woes

MUNICIPAL (Troy Media) More money to spend on housing could push prices higher if not accompanied by an increase in the housing supply

The biking tail is wagging the dog

BONNER (Troy Media) Bikes are the same length as a car and – with saddle bags and elbows – about half as wide and may take up a whole lane, all for one person

When public safety gets caught in the middle

BONNER (Troy Media) In time of crisis, should governments rely on non-governmental organizations or should those groups be asked to stand aside for the greater good?

Lower Mainland municipalities create roadblocks to new housing

MUNICIPAL (Troy Media) Homebuilders were asked how long they wait for permit approvals, how much it costs, how often rezoning is required and the scope of local opposition

Vancouver can’t have both low-density and affordable housing

MUNICIPAL (Troy Media) To take pressure off the cost of living in Vancouver, the city should build more housing units on its limited geographic footprint

When lending a helping hand becomes official policy

BONNER (Troy Media) In emergency circumstances, we often help each other. But what happens when a municipality mandates that citizens need to help strangers?

The truth about wasteful daycare funding

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Offer money – not centres or spaces – to families and allow parents to make choices without being told the kind of care they’ll use

Tales of three cities: a trio of books about decay and revival

BOOKS (Troy Media) From Detroit to Pittsburgh to Atlanta, from the rise and fall of industry to resurrection and environmental awareness, at least for some

To save the world, save the cyclists

BOOKS (Troy Media) Bicycling is probably doomed by the short-sighted attitudes that raise barriers to people feeling safe in exercising their health and economic choices

Millennials reinventing urban living and saving our cities

BONNER (Troy Media) People have been fixing up homes and neighbourhoods ever since drawings brightened up a drab cave. This trend may be rescuing cities

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