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Entrenched dependence one of the worst legacies of the Indian Act

(Troy Media) Bands under the oversight of the act should take steps toward financial self-sufficiency now, in preparation for eventual self-government

Ontario’s free post-secondary initiative deserves to be emulated

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) By making free tuition available to low-income students, Ontario is making a significant investment in its economic future

The loudest voices against tax reform are not neutral

(Troy Media) Almost absent in the debate about proposed Canadian changes are any voices defending the idea of tax fairness

Alberta’s disastrous fall from fiscal grace

(Troy Media) In just 12 years, the province’s net financial position will have deteriorated by a staggering $80 billion

Ottawa’s tax changes could kill family farm

(Troy Media) The federal government’s proposed changes to capital gains rules make it more difficult for a farm to stay in the family

Big spending, big problems on the horizon for B.C. government

(Troy Media) Despite the promise of yet more new programs to come, there’s actually little room in the budget for more spending

Let the Dreamers come to Canada

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) This shocking assault on traditional American values is accelerating an unprecedented talent migration that has been described as the Great Canadian ‘Brain Grab’

Your bills will go up – but don’t assume an insidious CRTC plot

(Troy Media) The debate over internet, cable and mobile rates is far more complex than the Twitter universe reflects

B.C. budget abandons any hope for efficient carbon tax

(Troy Media) Subsidizing green projects with revenue from carbon taxes may be politically popular but it’s fundamentally misguided policy

Overstaying your welcome in the bowels of government

KINSELLA (Troy Media) The late Allan J. MacEachen’s words of caution for bureaucrats still ring true: beware of entitlement, arrogance and cynicism

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