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Concerns over household debt in Canada are overblown

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The drop in interest rates has been so significant that the interest burden of servicing debt has declined as a share of income, despite growing household debt

A vision for a booming, vital Manitoba

POLITICS (Troy Media) By narrowing government’s role in the economy, a new policy direction can kick-start growth and make the province a mecca for people and investment

Trudeau should accept responsibility for spending choices

POLITICS (Troy Media) The Liberals won’t commit to a specific timeline to balance the books even though the deficit this year is expected to reach $28.5 billion

Alberta is the engine that drives Canadian growth

POLITICS (Troy Media) What would Canada’s economy and public finances look like without Alberta? It wouldn’t be pretty

The hard truth about soft economic policy

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) You don’t have to be an economist to know that rising interest rates will hurt a lot of Canadians but especially young families

Canada should be preserving history, not erasing it

TAUBE (Troy Media) We must stop this ridiculous trend of renaming edifices and cleansing evidence of people’s existence from history. If not, where will it end?

Missing women, evil men: inquiry must examine both

POLITICS (Troy Media) Far too many aboriginal men insist on locking themselves and their families in a deadly prison of dependence, alcohol, abuse and violence

Canadians’ US$38-million-a-day gift to Americans

POLITICS/BUSINESS (Troy Media) Failure to build pipelines leaves us with no choice but to sell our oil to the U.S. at cheap prices, leaving it to sell its own oil at the international price

Ontario government strangling its wineries’ ability to compete

POLITICS/BUSINESS (Troy Media) Likes to talk about its love for local wineries, but giving more shelf space to local vintners at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario would hurt provincial revenues

Vive le Quebec libre, 50 years later

HISTORY (Troy Media) There was a swift response to Charles de Gaulle’s intrusion into Canadian affairs during the centennial summer of 50 years ago

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