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Time to build an Alberta-wide rapid transit system

High speed rail on the Edmonton‑Calgary corridor is feasible if only 1% of drivers switched to rail

Opposition to pipelines comes down to fundraising

Environmentalists aren’t interested in the facts

The day a federal panel overruled B.C.

And nobody noticed

New Brunswick derailment highlights rail vs pipeline tradeoffs

Environmentalists engaging in anti-pipeline crusades risk causing more harm than good

Will governments back off their taxing trend in 2014?

No matter how much overburdened families would hope so, don’t count on it

Looking back at Canada’s great flag debate

While the new flag was highly popular, whether Canadian independence strictly required it is a different question

Obama punting a golden opportunity to create jobs

His presidency is marred with the worst case of indecisiveness since the well-meaning Jimmy Carter

Economic arguments often used to stall progress

But as with past injustices, a critical mass of public opinion for environmental change is developing

Oil sands a risky bet for Canada

The International Energy Agency forecasts that global demand for oil will peak in 2020

Ditching the Honourables

Time to do away with honorifics titles