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Obama punting a golden opportunity to create jobs

His presidency is marred with the worst case of indecisiveness since the well-meaning Jimmy Carter

Economic arguments often used to stall progress

But as with past injustices, a critical mass of public opinion for environmental change is developing

Oil sands a risky bet for Canada

The International Energy Agency forecasts that global demand for oil will peak in 2020

Ditching the Honourables

Time to do away with honorifics titles

Harper wandering in a foreign policy wilderness

Record nothing to brag about

Canada’s future prosperity at risk from environmental “zealots”

Fear-instilling propaganda lacking any scientific foundation all too often wins the day

Sustainability key to future oil sands’ development

Responsible public policy will require production rates to gradually decrease

Why Canadian travel costs so much

Open competition would lead to lower taxi and air fares

Global economic recovery tenuous at best

A loss of control over interest rates would plunge the economy back into recession

Canada Post eliminates PEI postmarks

“Snail mail” so irrelevant no one is even complaining