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University of Manitoba succumbs to politically correct nonsense

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Why is the university pretending indigenous knowledge and science are the equivalent of our written knowledge base? Why are they allowing this farce to unfold?

Counting calories is bad science, and doesn’t work anyway

HEALTH (Troy Media) It seems that those who eat at fast food restaurants know what they want, healthy or not, and nothing will change that other than higher taxes

Three nutrition trends to stay away from

HEALTH (Troy Media) Skip the cleanses, alkaline diets and IV vitamin therapy; there’s no evidence they work and plenty of evidence they can be harmful

Planting the seeds for broader understanding of food’s origins

SCIENCE (Troy Media) In the retail food business, customers have plenty of questions about how their food is produced. The answers often surprise them

Ottawa set to muzzle access to scientific data on vaping

POLITICS (Troy Media) Shades of Stephen Harper: Bill S-5 prohibits sharing scientific information comparing the health effects of smoking cigarettes with vaping

Inadequate intellectual property rights protections hurt patients, economy

HEALTH (Troy Media) Provide biopharmaceutical firms with patent term extensions to recover time lost due to mandatory governmental regulatory and marketing approvals

Closing the 17-year gap between research and patient care

HEALTH (Troy Media) That’s the time it takes for practitioners to apply the results of research by health scientists that could help in patient care

Agricultural biotechnology crucial for feeding world population

SCIENCE: Crop production science and innovation led to new technologies that averted a predicted global starvation catastrophe

Pipelines are not always just about the science

ENVIRONMENT (Troy Media) With federal pipeline decisions imminent, we need to speak honestly about the limitations of science and the role of values

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence

TECHNOLOGY (Troy Media) A few questions to ask before implementing what is potentially the most disruptive technology in history

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