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The AI tipping point much closer than you think

The self-play, self-training concept of the AlphaGo Zero software provides a glimpse into the future of artificial intelligence (FREE)

Stick to the facts to protect old-growth forests in B.C.

Stick to the facts to protect old-growth forests in B.C.

Debate on Vancouver Island’s old growth forests must be based on facts, not just conjuring up feelings of nostalgia, awe and respect

Eat up: the diet you’re on is likely a pretty good one

As long as you don’t eat carbohydrates, fats and protein to extreme levels, you should be just fine

The high-flying rhetoric of the Sputnik scare

MURPHY (Troy Media) Sixty years ago, the Soviets put the first satellite in space, sparking concerns about technology and weapons superiority

Study: more fats, less carbohydrates, equal a balanced diet

(Troy Media) Nutritionists have been telling us for years to load up on the low-fat products. Turns out that may have been a bad idea

A measured, rational response to climate change is possible

ENVIRONMENT (Troy Media) The risks can be managed using conventional policies, engineering, and research and development – and without all the hysteria

In search of a personal story thousands of years old

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) DNA-based research will provide you with insight into your ancestral origins, and you might be surprised by what you learn

Want an innovative economy? Fund research

To transform Canada’s ability to compete on the global stage requires a significant funding commitment to research

University of Manitoba succumbs to politically correct nonsense

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Why is the university pretending indigenous knowledge and science are the equivalent of our written knowledge base? Why are they allowing this farce to unfold?

Counting calories is bad science, and doesn’t work anyway

HEALTH (Troy Media) It seems that those who eat at fast food restaurants know what they want, healthy or not, and nothing will change that other than higher taxes

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