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The NHL’s goose that laid the Golden Knights

The NHL’s goose that laid the Golden Knights

DOWBIGGIN The unexpected success of the new Las Vegas franchise could have the league incorrectly believing that further expansion is the ticket to riches ($$)

Tiger tees up a debate about juiced golf balls

DOWBIGGIN On the verge of another comeback, the once-dominant Woods wants to level the fairway by mandating a tamer ball (FREE with coupon code)

America’s first ethnic working-class hero

America’s first ethnic working-class hero

MURPHY An Irish-American Catholic, champion boxer John L. Sullivan rose to popularity from modest roots (FREE TRIAL!)

Sports may have reached its TV saturation point

DOWBIGGIN With the exception of a few remarkable spectacles like the current World Series, major sports tend to be omnipresent but monotonous ($$)

A nation’s solid foundation – of ice

MACFADYEN: How Canadians think about hockey and identify with our nation’s successes at the rink help set us apart from Americans

How I finally made peace with the CFL

TAUBE (Troy Media) I still prefer the NFL to the CFL. But I’ve gained a brand-new appreciation for the Canadian game

Wouldn’t it be great to tone down the superlatives in sports?

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) The five-letter word great has become the most overworked superlative in sports

Dissing female sports reporters is just equal treatment

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) Charlotte Observer reporter Jourdan Rodrique was treated like almost all reporters are treated by most athletes. With disdain

The brutal truth about football’s waning popularity

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) As devastating hits and debilitating injuries rise, football faces a diminished audience. Can the sport curb its most violent tendencies and survive?

Touchdown! Donald Trump scores in his fight with NFL players

TAUBE (Troy Media) Five easy ways the president will win his battle with NFL players over taking a knee during the U.S. anthem

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