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What to do with Olympic venues once the Games are over

Recycle and reuse the infrastructure

At Sochi, Canadian women really did own the podium

If there were an all-female Olympics, Canada would have placed first in the medal count, with six gold, six silver and one bronze

Verbal abuse is not ‘part of the game’

Winnipeg should be ashamed after a recent incident at a hockey tournament, which went viral on YouTube

Olympic Committee’s support of dictatorships must end

Russia, like China before it, is using the Games to distract observers from its true nature

Sochi will teach us all something about Russian resolve

If you doubt the strength of Russian resolve, book an interview with Napoleon or Hitler

Winnipeg Blue Bombers: 2 decades of futility

Many of its fans are calling the team a joke

WASAC leads the way for Aboriginal youth in Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Aboriginal Sports Achievement Centre matches a love of sports with the need to achieve a good education

The spiritualism behind the Olympic Games

The philosophy behind “Olympism” sounds a bit like a religion, only without a divinity

The teachings of North America’s indigenous people match the Olympic ideal

Billy Mills used lessons from his native upbringing to pull off the biggest upset in Olympic history