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Target practice: finding the right golf rangefinder

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) Hand-held laser units and wrist watches that give distances dominate the market. We tested both technologies to see which best serves the needs of golfers

The Blue Jay way: to sell or persevere?

SPORTS (Troy Media) If a post-season berth is unlikely for Toronto, it may be time to dump aging, costly players and begin building for the future

Pitchers’ careers balance on a thin ligament

SPORTS (Troy Media) Baseball teams and their medical people have reduced workloads, refined mechanics and changed diets to get the most out of their pitchers. To no avail

CFL: The Dark League Rises (again)

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) The three-down football league seems to move from one episode of crisis to another. But every spring it emerges again, despite its critics – and itself

Multi-millionaire LeBron James embraces victimhood

SPORTS (Troy Media) The absurdity of a man worth hundreds of millions of dollars playing the race card is truly dismaying

Finals fantasy: NHL, NBA go head to head

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) While the NBA is evolving into the soccer model of a few elite teams contesting the title, the NHL is content with its anyone-can-win philosophy

Professional sports leagues confront homophobia

SPORTS (Troy Media) Words used as weapons hurt, sting and take root in our memories. On a playground or in a professional arena, there can be no room for slurs

The sports world’s TV-fed money pipeline is drying up

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) Young viewers are tuning out TV networks and turning to tablets or phones for their live sports. Even worse, many are ignoring sports completely

May Mayhem: NHL post-season gets nastier

SPORTS (Troy Media) Around the league during the race for the Stanley Cup: Is Subban too pricey for his contributions? Why can’t Ovechkin get the Capitals over the hump?

Oilers, Leafs flying high thanks to the Wings

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) The two formerly-moribund NHL franchises have been reborn, thanks in great part to the contributions of former Detroit personnel … and the draft welfare system