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What’s new and exciting in the gaming world

VIDEO GAMES (Troy Media) A periodic roundup of game-related subjects to keep you abreast of developments and trends (and a few other things that amuse and intrigue me)

Beat Cop soon wears out its welcome

VIDEO GAME (Troy Media) This throwback pixel art game honours 1980s cop shows, but it tends to tedium – with some unsettling racist and homophobic elements thrown in

From farm to fork, brought to you by artificial intelligence

CHARLEBOIS (Troy Media) With AI, yields can be improved and grocers can understand consumers – and predict their behaviour – better than consumers know themselves

Shop safely online without using your credit card numbers

LIFESTYLE/TECHNOLOGY (Troy Media) Alternative online payment methods are quick, easy and free. And if an online merchant is compromised, you’re safe

The lost art of face-to-face interaction

ROBINSON: When is IT disruption of human communication disruptive of humanity itself? How many chances for personal interaction are lost because of automated interfaces?

A simple mistake shouldn’t lead to public shaming

MACFADYEN (Troy Media) Our society is very quick to throw stones of outrage at anyone who has made a mistake and instantly condemn their failings

There’s nothing empty about Hollow Knight

VIDEO GAMES (Troy Media) Video game perfectly blends challenge with reward, a rich world full of exploration, evocative music, intriguing characters and story, and plenty of combat

Building digital bridges of tolerance and understanding

CHIDIAC: Good things happen when we can see beyond the viewpoint that we’re convinced is right and take the risk of hearing a perspective we don’t like

Ottawa’s ‘innovation budget’ unlikely to spark innovation

POLITICS (Troy Media) Handing out taxpayer money in corporate welfare takes resources away from other areas that could be the source of future innovation

Convert your social media traffic into website visits

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Here’s how to find the right mix to drive traffic to your website

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