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Environment-friendly “plyscrapers” blocked by red tape

(Troy Media) The USDA estimates every four storeys would save the same amount of carbon emissions as created by 500 cars every year

Adding quality audio to your smartphone videos

(Troy Media) With the low-cost iRig Mic Lav, audio pickup is always just a few inches from your mouth

Preparing for inevitable technological disruption

(Troy Media) Practical steps we can take today to prepare for the technological disruptions of tomorrow

Tax reforms may be a turning point in Liberal political fortunes

(Troy Media) Trudeau’s political blindness when it comes to “unfair” small business tax loopholes is staggering

The Internet’s dark side has made cybersecurity essential

(Troy Media) Modern monsters take the shape of cyber attacks, email hacking, Internet fraud, cyber bullying, political instability, identity theft, viruses and much more

Toxic bosses a career-builder’s worst nightmare

(Troy Media) Technology industries are rife with toxic managers, many are brilliant but twisted geeks responsible for creating breakthrough technology

Preparing for the coming workplace automation revolution

EDUCATION/TECHNOLOGY (Troy Media) Manitoba’s Red River College’s Smart Factory offers a solution by bringing students and industry together

Internetization is the new normal in the 21st century

It has enhanced the quality of our lives, and made our daily tasks easier and quicker. It has also unleashed a darker side to its opportunities and outreach

Protect yourself from financial phishing

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Welcome to the predatory online scamming world. Fraudulent emails, often containing links or attachments, are dangerous. If it seems too good to be true, it is

Target practice: finding the right golf rangefinder

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) Hand-held laser units and wrist watches that give distances dominate the market. We tested both technologies to see which best serves the needs of golfers

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