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Moving on: nature migrates as winter closes in

ROBINSON On the Pacific coast, the fascinating fall movements of whales, salmon and sea ducks have begun ($$)

Finding magical places on the long road from Alberta to Texas

Finding magical places on the long road from Alberta to Texas

TRAVEL Not having a definitive travel plan can pay off when you unexpectedly find the remarkable – amid the people and the landscape

A minibus ramble through Scottish Highland history

This is part 3 in our series The Orkney islands

As our minibus pulled to a stop, I felt suddenly that my grandmother’s love of the Highland landscape was surrounding us all

The hardships of Orkney link to Canada’s early days

This is part 2 in our series The Orkney islands

ROBINSON (Troy Media) Displaced from their homes, many citizens of the Orkney islands ended up in Canada working for the Hudson Bay Company

Decoding Orkney by channelling the subtle Norse air

This is part 1 in our series The Orkney islands

ROBINSON (Troy Media) Part 1: A Scottish contribution to Canada’s Arctic genome can be found in the deep history of these remote islands

Taking the air out of Airbnb

(Troy Media) Toronto and Vancouver have restricted Airbnb listings to a primary residence. The number of listings is dropping fast

Vegas, baby … a guide to poolside parties and clubs

TRAVEL (Troy Media) You can go to Las Vegas to gamble, see expensive shows by headliners or to shop like crazy. Or you can go to party on the cheap, like we did

Turks and Caicos – the road less travelled, but it could be ours

FEEHAN (Troy Media) Would it really benefit Canada to get into bed with these types – even if the bed was a hammock swaying in a tropical breeze?

On your next trip, bring a bag of goodwill

FIRBY (Troy Media) A grassroots Canadian movement called Not Just Tourists encourages you to take suitcases filled with medical supplies to needy countries

Flea market tips while travelling

(Troy Media) While it is fun to go to flea markets and bazaars when you travel, here are a few practical tips to make the experience even more fun

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