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Living frugally won’t improve millennial housing woes

MUNICIPAL (Troy Media) More money to spend on housing could push prices higher if not accompanied by an increase in the housing supply

Canadian politics is like a box of chocolates

FIRBY (Troy Media) Just when you think you have Canadian politics figured out, you still never know what you are going to get

Fed’s per-person spending among highest in history

POLITICS (Troy Media) The main rationale of the added spending by the Trudeau government was to stimulate economic growth, an unnecessary goal

Finals fantasy: NHL, NBA go head to head

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) While the NBA is evolving into the soccer model of a few elite teams contesting the title, the NHL is content with its anyone-can-win philosophy

Professional sports leagues confront homophobia

SPORTS (Troy Media) Words used as weapons hurt, sting and take root in our memories. On a playground or in a professional arena, there can be no room for slurs

Taking stock down on the farm

RURAL LIFE (Troy Media) In the wake of drought: struggling to raise calves, dreaming of a simple horse-boarding operations and preparing for the onslaught of ankle-pecking chickens

Atlantic Canada’s golden opportunity for American immigration

POLITICS (Troy Media) Tell them Atlantic Canada is building, and that they will be key players in the growth of Canada’s most beautiful region as it prepares for the 21st century

The sports world’s TV-fed money pipeline is drying up

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) Young viewers are tuning out TV networks and turning to tablets or phones for their live sports. Even worse, many are ignoring sports completely

Sinking the myth of dangerous West Coast oil tanker traffic

BUSINESS (Troy Media) As a change in government looms in British Columbia puts the Kinder Morgan expansion project in jeopardy, we need to realize just how safe oil tankers are

Staking out the moral high ground in the energy debate

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Othering can help understand energy discourse in Canada – and its tension and polarization – in a sector where natural sciences sensibilities ought to prevail

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