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In the fight for kids’ attention, parents don’t stand a chance

HEALTH (Troy Media) Study shows Canadian kids see more than 25 million online food and beverage ads a year – mostly for junk food. It’s time for that to end

B.C. must develop a stronger corporate head office presence

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Success on growing more locally-based companies and attracting firms from elsewhere would produce sizable economic dividends for the province

The challenge of talking about caregiving at work

CAREGIVING (Troy Media) Developing a language that meaningfully resonates with our experiences is an essential step toward creating and leveraging social support

On the road to travel trauma? How to find a better route

TRAVEL/LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) When things aren’t going quite according to plan, breathe. No one likes travel stress, but sometimes we create our own problems and cause unnecessary delay

Concerns over household debt in Canada are overblown

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The drop in interest rates has been so significant that the interest burden of servicing debt has declined as a share of income, despite growing household debt

An open and shut case: how the backfire effect closes minds

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) When evidence contradicts our deeply-held beliefs, we tend not to change our viewpoint but to become more entrenched

A vision for a booming, vital Manitoba

POLITICS (Troy Media) By narrowing government’s role in the economy, a new policy direction can kick-start growth and make the province a mecca for people and investment

The Summer of Love was a media event, not a revolution

HISTORY (Troy Media) People across the globe, of all classes, loved the music but could live without the hippy idea, thank you very much

Trudeau should accept responsibility for spending choices

POLITICS (Troy Media) The Liberals won’t commit to a specific timeline to balance the books even though the deficit this year is expected to reach $28.5 billion

Giving oil discounts or taking liberties with details?

BUSINESS (Troy Media) The majority of oil produced in Canada is by companies with integrated operations in the U.S. There is no ‘captive market’ and no ‘discount’ because of it

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