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Let the Dreamers come to Canada

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) This shocking assault on traditional American values is accelerating an unprecedented talent migration that has been described as the Great Canadian ‘Brain Grab’

John F. Kennedy: an anglophile for all seasons

MURPHY (Troy Media) The storied president was more English than Irish, despite being seen as the ultimate symbol of Irish-American success and social acceptance

In search of the Promised Land

MCEWAN (Troy Media) Migration has always been part of the human experience, as people escape natural disasters, drought, famine and/or oppression

A warm Canadian welcome to our international guests

FISHER (Troy Media) International homestays for students are a big business that brings revenues to local school boards

The legacy of 9/11: no end in sight for the war on terror

MICALLEF (Troy Media) We’ve spent the last 16 years fighting the symptoms of jihadism but we’ve made little progress in dealing with its root causes

A Canadian in New York: an outsider’s perspective on 9/11

MACFADYEN (Troy Media) It was a day when Americans were becoming very tribal – very fast – and circling the wagons of exclusion

Was the Ukrainian Red Famine genocide or incompetence?

MURPHY (Troy Media) Historians are divided on Josef Stalin’s intent in the Ukraine that resulted in millions of deaths. Anne Applebaum’s new book has revived the dispute

The Internet’s dark side has made cybersecurity essential

(Troy Media) Modern monsters take the shape of cyber attacks, email hacking, Internet fraud, cyber bullying, political instability, identity theft, viruses and much more

Dunkirk and the maligned Belgians

(Troy Media) When disaster comes calling, shifting the blame is generally not too far behind, and war is the perfect setting for laying blame

Is Trump unstable and therefore unable?

KINSELLA (Troy Media) Trump’s regime won’t offer its president for examination by anyone’s head shrink. If he’s removed, it won’t be because of the constitution’s 25th Amendment

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