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Olympic Committee’s support of dictatorships must end

Russia, like China before it, is using the Games to distract observers from its true nature

Reality bites across the Atlantic

From Scottish independence to Swiss immigration, facts on the ground have a way of waking you up

US should get ready for higher oil prices

Without the Keystone XL pipeline, the US will soon have to compete on the international market for higher priced oil

Obama and the decline of American hegemony

The President has done the U.S. no favours by mishandling foreign policy for so long

Middle East turmoil luring foreign investment away to Africa

One of the few bright spots on the gloomy global economic horizon

Oil markets sending mixed signals

Uncertainty over supply and demand makes forecasting price difficult

Honduras forced into a race to the bottom

Corporate globalism all about profit and exploitation, not fair trade, human rights or labour rights

Obama punting a golden opportunity to create jobs

His presidency is marred with the worst case of indecisiveness since the well-meaning Jimmy Carter

Thank exports for any improvement in Canada’s economic performance in 2014

But the signs are definitely mixed

The most suicidal campaign in US presidential history

50 years ago Barry Goldwater ran for President. The results weren’t pretty