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U.S. soft on inappropriate sexual student/teacher relationships

MACFADYEN (Troy Media) School boards, teacher’s unions reluctant to act against teacher predators

Don’t keep parents in the dark about their child’s transgenderism

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) A handful of Ontario school boards have decided that parents shouldn’t be told if their child has adopted a transgender identity

New Brunswickers should raise a glass to Gerard Comeau

POLITICS (Troy Media) New Brunswick has finally lowered its beer prices after a court challenge over punitive provincial trade barriers to the movement of alcohol. But the fight is far from over

So long Hector-Louis Langevin: wiping away a nation’s history

POLITICS (Troy Media) For the crime of being a man of his times, Canadians are being asked to wipe the memory of Hector-Louis Langevin – a Father of Confederation – clean

Trudeau government’s hidden tax increases flaunt democracy

KUNIN (Troy Media) The government wants to increase taxes on booze based on the Consumer Price Index, while denying the same right to revenue it provides to Canadians

Squeezing Alberta beer drinkers for more money

The discriminatory tax on out-of-province beer was always about more government revenue. The protectionist talk about helping Alberta brewers was diversionary

Defamation law used to silence political speech?

POLITICS/LAW (Troy Media) An outspoken former Drumheller town councillor is asking the Supreme Court to finally settle the matter of whether a contentious law is in fact unconstitutional

An open government doesn’t close doors to information

POLITICS (Troy Media) The case of Vice-Admiral Norman shouldn’t be about disclosing cabinet secrets, it should be about loyalty, ethical behaviour and adhering to codes of conduct

Solidarity against Turkey’s anti-democratic thug

PRICE (Troy Media) We all need to speak out. At a time when mob justice is damaging intellectual enterprise, Canadian universities should be a model of inquiry and discourse

Federal budget is short on innovation or social value

POLITICS (Troy Media) It assumes government is the agent of change and social stability for the middle class – the same philosophy that’s wrongly guided most spending for decades

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