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Alberta’s independent schools provide needed choice, value

Despite activist claims, most independent schools in Alberta are not bastions for the rich, but they do fill a critical education niche

Kudos to Toronto, but independent schools still face discrimination

(Troy Media) Subjecting parents choosing such schools for their children to extra costs is discriminatory

Despite overheated claims, Alberta public schools aren’t under-funded

(Troy Media) Even after adjusting for inflation, the government is spending substantially more per student in the province’s public schools than a decade ago

Teacher’s ‘me too’ clause puts Alberta in a fiscal squeeze

EDUCATION: The stakes in collective bargaining sessions remain high. Alberta faces a $10.3-billion budget deficit with more big deficits planned

Are you gay?

KINSELLA (Troy Media) When a personal question becomes a political issue – and hypocrites like Jason Kenney dare to suggest we infringe on the rights of others, including children

Getting the facts straight on Alberta independent school funding

POLITICS (Troy Media) The case for Alberta defunding independent schools is being made largely on the basis of mistaken analysis

How being politically correct can muddy complex waters

POLITICS (Troy Media) University of Calgary’s “cultural engagement” guidelines bear little resemblance to the complex relationship that existed between aboriginals and later immigrants

Deeper deficits spurred by increases in public school spending

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Provincial governments have been spending more money to educate a smaller number of students

Shutting down Trinity Christian School makes no sense

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Unless the decision was actually a stealth attack by the Notley government on home schooling

Wrong-headed labour reform a sign of tone-deaf government

CALGARY (Troy Media) Today public sector unions are best understood as interest groups

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