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Trudeau, Notley said yes to pipelines, while really meaning no

(Troy Media) While telling people that they understand the importance of the pipelines, Notley and Trudeau piled up the regulatory bricks to ensure they were not viable

Kudos to Toronto, but independent schools still face discrimination

(Troy Media) Subjecting parents choosing such schools for their children to extra costs is discriminatory

Ontario, Alberta carbon tax schemes defy economic common sense

(Troy Media) Carbon taxes should replace, not add to, existing environmental regulations and subsidies

Alberta’s disastrous fall from fiscal grace

(Troy Media) In just 12 years, the province’s net financial position will have deteriorated by a staggering $80 billion

How Alberta can deal with the ‘silver tsunami’ health-care crisis

(Troy Media) If the NDP is going to lose the next election, the government should just fall on its sword and introduce a sales tax

High dental fees, lack of access create a health crisis

(Troy Media) Lack of dental care affects more than oral health – it has been linked to cardiovascular and respiratory problems and diabetes

Despite overheated claims, Alberta public schools aren’t under-funded

(Troy Media) Even after adjusting for inflation, the government is spending substantially more per student in the province’s public schools than a decade ago

Alberta a black hole for private sector jobs

(Troy Media) The province’s overall score on labour market performance is in the bottom half of North American jurisdictions

Notley’s wrongheaded path leads to deficit disaster

POLITICS (Troy Media) Marked spending increases by the NDP government will push the net debt to $10,000 per Albertan by 2019-20

How Albertans can invest in their future – again

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) But before they can begin to retool the economy, they must first purge themselves of the idea that the market is the best instrument to determine their future

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