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Uniting Alberta’s scattered political centre

MCGARVEY The Alberta Party could offer an alternative for the majority of voters who identify as progressives, but it will take a clarity of vision (FREE to subscribers)

Upstart party could turn Alberta politics on its head

FIRBY The Alberta Party hopes to slip into the great divide between the polarized left and right with big-tent policies free of the old PC baggage (FREE to members)

Is Jason Kenney Alberta’s premier-in-waiting?

Is Jason Kenney Alberta’s premier-in-waiting?

TAUBE The new United Conservative Party leader is laser-focused on defeating the Alberta NDP and it would be unwise to bet against him ($$)

Alberta’s sex-ed showdown

Alberta’s sex-ed showdown

MCGARVEY In a tolerant, civil society, we embrace a diversity of beliefs. But we need to take care that society’s core values aren’t undermined by religious beliefs (FREE to subscribers – Join today. It’s FREE)

Alberta’s independent schools provide needed choice, value

Despite activist claims, most independent schools in Alberta are not bastions for the rich, but they do fill a critical education niche

Red tape chasing investors away from Alberta’s energy industry

Alberta has become less attractive for investment while the U.S. is drawing more attention, thanks to Trump’s policy changes

Trudeau, Notley said yes to pipelines, while really meaning no

(Troy Media) While telling people that they understand the importance of the pipelines, Notley and Trudeau piled up the regulatory bricks to ensure they were not viable

Kudos to Toronto, but independent schools still face discrimination

(Troy Media) Subjecting parents choosing such schools for their children to extra costs is discriminatory

Ontario, Alberta carbon tax schemes defy economic common sense

(Troy Media) Carbon taxes should replace, not add to, existing environmental regulations and subsidies

Alberta’s disastrous fall from fiscal grace

(Troy Media) In just 12 years, the province’s net financial position will have deteriorated by a staggering $80 billion

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