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The flap over tailings pond bird deaths lacks perspective

The flap over tailings pond bird deaths lacks perspective

It’s just plain crazy to let ‘I-hate-oilsands’ activists frame our national energy agenda based on an immaterial number of bird deaths (FREE)

A pipeline straight to political disaster?

FIRBY (Troy Media) Both B.C.’s Christy Clark, and Justin Trudeau now face some difficult choices when it comes to the Trans Mountain Pipeline

Oil price instability a wakeup call for Alberta

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) The province’s undercapitalized and underperforming technology sector could, if adequately supported, deliver above-average returns for 20 or more years

Adapting to life in post-recession Alberta

BUSINESS (Troy Media) We might be on the cusp of a transformative wave that will reshape the future of work, but that’s not all doom and gloom

Modernizing labour laws could set Alberta up for economic success

ALBERTA POLITICS (Troy Media) The mark of a dynamic economy with flexible labour laws is one where employers and workers can quickly and easily respond to market changes

How grad students can help diversify Alberta’s economy

BUSINESS (Troy Media) We need to support Alberta’s students as they make prototypes, file patents, pursue market analysis, prepare business plans and raise venture capital

Planting the seeds for Alberta’s next innovation generation

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Rainforest Alberta is connecting Alberta innovators to create conversations and relationships that could be incredibly important to the province’s future

A pipeline straight to energy industry trust

BUSINESS (Troy Media) The Alberta Energy Regulator’s new website on pipeline performance helps the public better understand crucial operating dynamics

Rachel Notley’s trade hypocrisy

POLITICS (Troy Media) It would be nice if the Alberta Premier could practice in Alberta what she preaches in Washington

Alberta falls short of its innovation dreams

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Alberta claims to have a functioning innovation ecosystem. It doesn’t

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