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Block the pop-ups: think less, think better

Block the pop-ups: think less, think better

BERNIER Stop feeding your mind worthless thoughts and negative emotions. If you want peace, restrain your mind and strengthen your will power (FREE TRIAL!)

Breaking technology’s pernicious grip on our children

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The formative years with our children only come once. When we make them the highest priorities in our lives, we give them the message that they’re worthwhile

Anxiety over Trump reaches the spawning streams

ROBINSON (Troy Media) Does Trump even realize the anguish he is causing in so many hearts and minds?

At the heart of fibromyalgia’s pain are psychiatric links

MENTAL HEALTH (Troy Media) Psychiatric symptoms commonly associated with fibromyalgia make the condition worse for those who experience pain and depression or anxiety

Healthy body, healthy mind: a double payoff for exercise

MENTAL HEALTH (Troy Media) The mental health benefits of exercise are well documented, and even moderate sadness and feelings of anxiety can be improved

Anxiety disorder can weigh down your life

KELOWNA (Troy Media) But there are strategies — and medications — that will help you control this all-too-common condition

The reward for treating your agoraphobia is freedom

KELOWNA (Troy Media) Agoraphobia literally means ‘fear of open or public places’. However, in a clinical setting it is defined as a fear of situations from which escape might be difficult or embarrassing, or in which help may not be available in the event of a panic attack

Panic attacks afflict 1 in 75 people

EXCLUSIVE TO UNLIMITED ACCESS SUBSCRIBERS: Panic attacks make it nearly impossible to function in certain situations

Mental illness can exacerbate marital problems

EXCLUSIVE TO UNLIMITED ACCESS SUBSCRIBERS: Although separation and divorce are always painful, it may be the best option for some couples and their families

Severe shyness can be an indication of several anxiety disorders

MENTAL HEALTH: Even with treatment, people with these disorders will not become the life of the party

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