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Canada’s health-care system fails to account for senior migration

Migrating seniors pay most of their lifetime taxes in one province and then consume most of their health care in another (FREE)

Ontario electricity prices set to keep rising

Ontario electricity prices set to keep rising

The province pays extraordinary rates to solar, wind and biofuel generators. But the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine (FREE)

Ontarian’s in the dark about long-term costs of Fair Hydro Plan

The government is concealing the real financial impact of the rate reduction by understating future deficits and net debt

Red tape chasing investors away from Alberta’s energy industry

Alberta has become less attractive for investment while the U.S. is drawing more attention, thanks to Trump’s policy changes

Suzuki falsely accuses Canada of having poor air quality

(Troy Media) The environmental activist’s reflexive accusations reveal a poor understanding of the data

B.C. budget abandons any hope for efficient carbon tax

(Troy Media) Subsidizing green projects with revenue from carbon taxes may be politically popular but it’s fundamentally misguided policy