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Looking beyond our borders for health-care cures

(Troy Media) Compared to other countries, Canada has a high-cost system that delivers mediocre, and sometimes remarkably poor, performance

The hidden, and high, cost of “free” health care in Canada

HEALTH (Troy Media) We have one of the most expensive health-care systems in the world, yet other countries with universal health care routinely outperform us

Private health care isn’t the problem, it’s part of the solution

HEALTH (Troy Media) While some patients may be able to wait for treatment without suffering adverse consequences, many others may be in pain, unable to work or live full lives

Proposed changes could reduce access to prescription drugs

POLITICS (Troy Media) While well-intentioned, changes to Patented Medicine Prices Review Board could stop companies from launching new drugs

Health-care wait times cost patients millions in time, wages

HEALTH (Troy Media) The consistent lengthening of wait times for treatment makes us sometimes forget our system forces people to suffer while waiting for timely access to care

Canada’s health-care wait times worst in developed world

HEALTH (Troy Media) To retain the promise of universal health care that Canadians cherish, we must change the way we attempt to deliver it

On health-care reform, Trudeau should finish what Chretien started

VANCOUVER (Troy Media) If the government is serious about sparking innovation and change, it should finish the work of transfer reform begun by the Chretien Liberals

Misinformation fuels opposition to health-care reform in Canada

VANCOUVER (Troy Media) The reality is that for-profit provision of health-care services is commonplace among industrialized countries with universal health care

If health-care innovation is key, set the provinces free

VANCOUVER (Troy Media) Canada ranks among the most expensive universal health-care systems but has fewer medical resources and some of the longest wait times

Do you know how much you pay for health care?

VANCOUVER (Troy Media) An average family of four pays $11,494 each year. For perspective, average wait times for treatment is 18.3 weeks

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