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Safeguarding public confidence in B.C.’s forest management

(Troy Media) The Association of BC Forest Professionals helps ensure that B.C.’s forests are well managed

B.C.’s new business as usual: political and economic uncertainty

POLITICS (Troy Media) NDP election win prompts waves of uncertainty that threaten investment and economic growth in B.C.

B.C. must develop a stronger corporate head office presence

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Success on growing more locally-based companies and attracting firms from elsewhere would produce sizable economic dividends for the province

Sinking the myth of dangerous West Coast oil tanker traffic

BUSINESS (Troy Media) As a change in government looms in British Columbia puts the Kinder Morgan expansion project in jeopardy, we need to realize just how safe oil tankers are

Election results could spell trouble for B.C.’s tax competitiveness

POLTICS/BUSINESS (Troy Media) B.C.’s political leaders should prioritize the economic well-being of British Columbians over party politics and that means tax cuts in several areas

A pipeline straight to political disaster?

FIRBY (Troy Media) Both B.C.’s Christy Clark, and Justin Trudeau now face some difficult choices when it comes to the Trans Mountain Pipeline

Lower Mainland municipalities create roadblocks to new housing

MUNICIPAL (Troy Media) Homebuilders were asked how long they wait for permit approvals, how much it costs, how often rezoning is required and the scope of local opposition

The hard facts on B.C.’s softwood lumber dilemma

KUNIN (Troy Media) It’s time B.C. pushed hard to diversify its economy, improved its infrastructure, and looked for new and stable markets for its lumber products

Beware of politicians bearing (election) gifts

KUNIN (Troy Media) Candidates tie themselves in knots dangling a return to the good old days. Unfortunately, the past doesn’t offer any solutions to our problems

Uncertainty discouraging mining investment in Canada

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Spending on exploration – the lifeblood of the industry – dropped for the fourth consecutive year and is at its lowest point since 2005

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