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Democratic angst and independence turmoil

MURPHY (Troy Media) In Hillary Clinton’s mind, it’s everyone else’s fault. So she’ll continue to hog centre stage and suck up the political oxygen

John F. Kennedy: an anglophile for all seasons

MURPHY (Troy Media) The storied president was more English than Irish, despite being seen as the ultimate symbol of Irish-American success and social acceptance

Was the Ukrainian Red Famine genocide or incompetence?

MURPHY (Troy Media) Historians are divided on Josef Stalin’s intent in the Ukraine that resulted in millions of deaths. Anne Applebaum’s new book has revived the dispute

Hasty conclusions about the past can result in lost opportunities

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) Monuments often reveal important stories, but can gloss over details. Unless we examine the facts closely, we can end up with a sanitized view of history

Dunkirk and the maligned Belgians

(Troy Media) When disaster comes calling, shifting the blame is generally not too far behind, and war is the perfect setting for laying blame

Crossroads: the growing Republican divide

BOOKS (Troy Media) Rather than a positive endorsement of their world view, Republican electoral success comes down to a simple rejection of the Democrats

School board kills diversity without consultation

EDUCATION (Troy Media) There are good reasons not to teach To Kill a Mockingbird, but shielding students from racist language is not one of them

Political “wobbles” prove politics really is a blood sport

BOOKS/POLITICS (Troy Media) Theresa May’s recent political “wobble” brings to mind Margaret Thatcher and the 1987 British election, which she won in spite of herself

Big ideas: a guide to developing a more functional world

BOOKS (Troy Media) Oxford Prof. Ian Goldin’s 2016 book is an asset for urban development officers and planners, helping to drive prosperity, education and innovation

A summer reading list to challenge your perspectives

BOOKS (Troy Media) These authors examine death and dying, love and romance, the immigrant experience and cultural chasms, and the heavy burdens family members must often carry

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