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A tempest in a cultural appropriation teapot

KINSELLA (Troy Media) For the CBC and others, a joke about cultural appropriation is more important than, you know, things like real racism

Two women defined by and celebrated for a single book each

BOOKS (Troy Media) Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee tackled the peculiarities and flaws of the American South of different eras but still plumbed some universal truths

Learning from the resolve of zero-gravity spiders

BOOK REVIEW (Troy Media) Rejected in love? Lost a job? Experienced a serious medical condition? Gone through a financial crisis? Spiders In Space offers comfort

Adapting to life in post-recession Alberta

BUSINESS (Troy Media) We might be on the cusp of a transformative wave that will reshape the future of work, but that’s not all doom and gloom

Tales of three cities: a trio of books about decay and revival

BOOKS (Troy Media) From Detroit to Pittsburgh to Atlanta, from the rise and fall of industry to resurrection and environmental awareness, at least for some

To save the world, save the cyclists

BOOKS (Troy Media) Bicycling is probably doomed by the short-sighted attitudes that raise barriers to people feeling safe in exercising their health and economic choices

The nationalism versus globalism debate explained

MURPHY (Troy Media) English journalist David Goodhart’ new book states that much of current elite opinion would be soundly rejected by voters if ever openly expressed at the ballot box

Slowing the corporatization of education

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Corporatization has captured the university because the humanities have lost their sense of public purpose

Stop being boring and read

PRICE (Troy Media) Life without reading is like losing a sensation, like taste – everything’s as bland as batter

The importance of etiquette in the workplace

BOOKS (Troy Media) Practical solutions for achieving a more harmonious workplace

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