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School board kills diversity without consultation

EDUCATION (Troy Media) There are good reasons not to teach To Kill a Mockingbird, but shielding students from racist language is not one of them

Political “wobbles” prove politics really is a blood sport

BOOKS/POLITICS (Troy Media) Theresa May’s recent political “wobble” brings to mind Margaret Thatcher and the 1987 British election, which she won in spite of herself

Big ideas: a guide to developing a more functional world

BOOKS (Troy Media) Oxford Prof. Ian Goldin’s 2016 book is an asset for urban development officers and planners, helping to drive prosperity, education and innovation

A summer reading list to challenge your perspectives

BOOKS (Troy Media) These authors examine death and dying, love and romance, the immigrant experience and cultural chasms, and the heavy burdens family members must often carry

Rural resilience: how the green movement on the farm can help us all

BOOKS (Troy Media) If we protect the food supply, maintain clean water, reduce runoff, and make a nicer looking landscape, we’ll all benefit

How the notion of the atheist Muslim can derail intolerance

BOOKS (Troy Media) Author Ali A. Rizvi is dedicated to bringing about an Islamic enlightenment. We must listen if we want to deal with the very real menace of radical Islam

Literature has value, as a mirror and a window

EDUCATION (Troy Media) The best stories help us understand ourselves by triggering introspection, guiding us to new worlds and ideas that exist beyond our normal experiences

A tempest in a cultural appropriation teapot

KINSELLA (Troy Media) For the CBC and others, a joke about cultural appropriation is more important than, you know, things like real racism

Two women defined by and celebrated for a single book each

BOOKS (Troy Media) Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee tackled the peculiarities and flaws of the American South of different eras but still plumbed some universal truths

Learning from the resolve of zero-gravity spiders

BOOK REVIEW (Troy Media) Rejected in love? Lost a job? Experienced a serious medical condition? Gone through a financial crisis? Spiders In Space offers comfort

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