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$45,000 bottle of Scotch whisky has decades-long gestation

MICALLEF (Troy Media) Cask 121 was filled the same day that Churchill, Roosevelt, de Gaulle and Eisenhower met at the Casablanca Conference in Morocco

Mexico North America’s newest wine frontier

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Mexico’s excellent wines are becoming more prevalent in Canada, especially in larger urban wine markets

Campbeltown enjoying a Scotch whisky renaissance

FOOD AND DRINK (Troy Media) Campbeltown doesn’t have a distinctive regional style – the use of peat varies by distillery, as do the casks used in finishing

The distinctive ‘peat monsters’ of Scotch whisky

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Both the type of peat and how it’s used in the kiln play essential roles in creating the distinctive character of a Scotch whisky

The Highlands: Scotland’s whisky cornucopia

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The Highlands offer a superlative range, from brooding peaty monsters to sweet, light whiskies that belong in any Scotch lover’s collection

The Dalmore: A Scotch whisky highland tale

FOOD AND DRINK (Troy Media) The distillery has a storied history and an iconic crest, but its 12-year-old offering doesn’t quite measure up to its potential

The Whisky Exchange London’s Scotch whisky cathedral

LIFESTYLE, TRAVEL (Troy Media) The giant store near Covent Garden stocks more than 800 single malts and 200 other whiskies, plus 800 bottles of other spirits

Nomad Outland Whisky: experiencing the frontiers of Scotch whisky

BOTTOMS UP: A rare whisky combination, double matured in Scotland and Spain, now available in Canada

Like the phoenix, Teeling and Irish whiskey have been reborn

FOOD AND DRINK (Troy Media) Since 1989, Irish whiskey production has soared, surpassing seven million cases in 2014 and expected to pass 12 million cases by 2018

Whisky from the Scottish isles varied and distinctive

BOTTOMS UP (Troy Media) Peat has a long association with the whisky industry there, but the use of peat varies widely, depending on the distiller

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