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Italy’s hidden wine valley: the Valtellina

FOOD AND DRINK: Valtellina is one of the most dramatic vineyard landscapes in the world, invoking comparisons with Germany’s Mosel, Portugal’s Douro and Italy’s Alto Adige

Cadenhead’s a Scotch whisky institution

PORTLAND (Troy Media) This iconic whisky producer and retailer sets the standard at all levels – and has done so for almost 200 years

A Celtic saviour leads Irish whiskey’s revival

PORTLAND (Troy Media) Irish whiskey is regaining its leading role in the whiskey world

Being a whisky judge isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

PORTLAND (Troy Media) To the whisky aficionado there can be no greater calling than to be a whisky judge, However . . .

Aglianico Italy’s undiscovered wine treasure

PORTLAND (Troy Media) The world’s oldest cultivated grape is its newest wine discovery

Mount Gay, Barbados’ quintessential rum

PORTLAND (Troy Media) The world’s oldest rum distillery leads a rum renaissance

Forget college – go to whiskey school instead

PORTLAND (Troy Media) Forget college – go to whiskey school instead

Canada’s most expensive Scotch whisky

PORTLAND (Troy Media) The 75-year-old Mortlach scotch whisky costs $42,780, or about as much as a new car

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