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Is Europe at a crossroads?

MICALLEF (Troy Media) The next few years will determine whether Europe’s current problems represent bumps in the road or a fundamental turning point in its grand vision

Meet Ireland’s new power pair

MURPHY (Troy Media) Polar opposites, Leo Varadkar and Arlene Foster together must help the Irish people navigate political and economic minefields

U.K. election ripples could soon be waves

MURPHY (Troy Media) The takeaways from an unexpected result: campaigns matter; two-party politics may be on the way back; unionism is reborn; and Brexit has become more complicated

The nationalism versus globalism debate explained

MURPHY (Troy Media) English journalist David Goodhart’ new book states that much of current elite opinion would be soundly rejected by voters if ever openly expressed at the ballot box

Fool me once … the tough task of parsing truth from fiction

MACFADYEN (Troy Media) Pranks and tall tales snare the unsuspecting. And so many events of these past 12 months could pass as April Fool’s jokes, except they are – sadly – real

Ireland braces for fundamental change

MURPHY (Troy Media) Tectonic shifts may be in the offing in the wake of a startling Northern Ireland election result and with Brexit hanging menacingly over Ireland

How to fight the right, one committed citizen after another

KINSELLA (Troy Media) The only way we can stop the forces of division and hate is to get organized, go grassroots and show up – again and again

Pack journalism and the corresponding need for skepticism

TORONTO (Troy Media) From Brexit to the U.S. presidential election, it’s important to filter what you read in order to reach something approximating the truth

The liberating power of Brexit

ATHENS (Troy Media) Britain has shown there is a path out of the European Union, and it’s a notion that other member states should embrace

Donald Trump and Britain’s Brexit vote explained

QUATHIASKI COVE (Troy Media) People want change – although the change they get may not be what they want

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