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How alcohol is killing Aboriginal Canadians

In his important book Firewater, Harold Johnson talks about the enormous problem of alcohol abuse that plagues so many Indigenous communities (FREE)

Wab Kinew proof that Manitoba can work for everyone

(Troy Media) The fact that an Indigenous person is now the leader of Manitoba’s main opposition party, and a possible Premier, is very good news

Missing women, evil men: inquiry must examine both

POLITICS (Troy Media) Far too many aboriginal men insist on locking themselves and their families in a deadly prison of dependence, alcohol, abuse and violence

Canada can work for everyone, if we all work together

POLITICS (Troy Media) Although a growing number of aboriginal people are productive members of the workforce, far too many rely on the government for support. That must change

University of Manitoba succumbs to politically correct nonsense

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Why is the university pretending indigenous knowledge and science are the equivalent of our written knowledge base? Why are they allowing this farce to unfold?

Governor General apologizes for telling the truth

POLITICS (Troy Media) David Johnston told the unvarnished truth: all Canadians, including aboriginals, are immigrants from somewhere. No apology necessary

System that rewards status Indians is spectacularly unfair

POLITICS (Troy Media) And things will get a whole lot worse – and costly – as more and more people are added to the list of entitled

How the notion of the atheist Muslim can derail intolerance

BOOKS (Troy Media) Author Ali A. Rizvi is dedicated to bringing about an Islamic enlightenment. We must listen if we want to deal with the very real menace of radical Islam