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The dark, Machiavellian side of academia

The dark, Machiavellian side of academia

Overlooked by the mass media and given almost free rein, the academic world is a haven for bullies and antisocial behaviour (FREE to subscribers)

Does the Catalonian crisis signal the end of the nation state?

MCGARVEY: Across the globe, a deep and growing frustration with the nationalist status quo is driving regional politics

John F. Kennedy: an anglophile for all seasons

MURPHY (Troy Media) The storied president was more English than Irish, despite being seen as the ultimate symbol of Irish-American success and social acceptance

Diana’s bad bargain and her enduring mythology

HISTORY (Troy Media) While popular opinion may cast her as a victim, it’s hard to imagine that she’d have given Charles a second thought if he wasn’t the Prince of Wales

Out of the closet, slowly and cautiously

Britain’s 1957 Wolfenden Report was the first step towards changing legal and social perspectives on homosexuality in the English-speaking world

Political “wobbles” prove politics really is a blood sport

BOOKS/POLITICS (Troy Media) Theresa May’s recent political “wobble” brings to mind Margaret Thatcher and the 1987 British election, which she won in spite of herself

Quick answers needed into Grenfell Tower disaster

WORLD (Troy Media) Unfortunately, history demonstrates that the powerful are not above gerrymandering terms of reference to deliver verdicts advantageous to themselves

U.K. election ripples could soon be waves

MURPHY (Troy Media) The takeaways from an unexpected result: campaigns matter; two-party politics may be on the way back; unionism is reborn; and Brexit has become more complicated

Young Britons’ dangerous infatuation with Marxism

WORLD (Troy Media) Mainstream British politics hasn’t done enough to purge itself of left-wing extremism. Embracing Marxism is a serious intellectual failure amongst British youth

The U.K. general election’s lessons for Canadian politicians

TAUBE (Troy Media) A big lead in the polls doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger majority in Parliament. You must ensure the leader is prepared and your policies have meat on the bone

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