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The dark, Machiavellian side of academia

The dark, Machiavellian side of academia

Overlooked by the mass media and given almost free rein, the academic world is a haven for bullies and antisocial behaviour (FREE to subscribers)

Do you work for a bully or just a tough boss?

CAREER INFORMATION (Troy Media) Tough bosses treat people equitably. Bullies target only a few and their bullying is relentless. But there are strategies to deal with bullies in the workplace

Laws can reduce bullying and Bill C-16 is needed now

POLITICS/LAW (Troy Media) Canada needs laws to protect vulnerable transgender youth, who experience bullying at much higher rates than their peers

The importance of unstructured recess

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) By organizing activities at recess, or replacing recess with more classroom studies, educators are doing a horrible disservice to children

Horribly haywire: why communication falters

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) None of us are at your best when our boundaries are being pushed

Saskatoon rightly backs down on anti-bullying bylaw

CALGARY (Troy Media) Legislation of this sort is an ineffective solution to a complicated problem

What to do when the boss is a bully

FREE WITH COUPON DURING TRIAL PERIOD: 6 strategies to use to make your workplace more livable

Why do women bully women?

PRICE STARTS AT $8: Because they enjoy feeling powerful and they like it when their targets don’t stand up for themselves

Bullying more than just a playground problem

PRICE STARTS AT $8: While boys bully using physical violence, girls bully by gossiping, manipulating others to exclude a victim, teasing or spreading rumours

Report promoting Gay-Straight Alliances ignores Canadian law

FREE TO SUBSCRIBERS: GSAs in schools are potentially in violation of laws relating to the corruption of a minor

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