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If NAFTA collapses, could Cuba help fill the void for Canada?

TAUBE Canada and Cuba already have an established trade relationship, as do Mexico and Cuba, and Canada and Mexico ($$)

Is the future of NAFTA truly bleak?

By understanding that free-trade agreements benefit consumers, businesses and governments, this deal can be saved (FREE)

A nation’s solid foundation – of ice

MACFADYEN: How Canadians think about hockey and identify with our nation’s successes at the rink help set us apart from Americans

NAFTA’s demise would force agri-food sector to adapt

(Troy Media) Blame Washington all you want for the NAFTA impasse, but Canada has not demonstrated it wants to liberalize its trading position either

NAFTA assault may force Canada to spread its wings

FIRBY (Troy Media) The ongoing Trump follies may force us to become a more independent country

NAFTA negotiations: Canada has it backwards on worker choice

(Troy Media) Worker choice laws encourage unions to be more accountable to their members, and contribute to a stronger economy and labour market

Canada and the U.S.: A tale of two countries

(Troy Media) Compared to the Americans, we’re showcasing a national unity and sense of purpose that verges on the exemplary

Thinking the unthinkable on NAFTA

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) The bottom line is, either we stand up and defend our rights or we’ll simply have traded one colonial master for another

For better or worse, Canada and the U.S. are forever intertwined

CANADA/US RELATIONS (Troy Media) One of the motivating factors for Confederation was a fear of post-Civil War United States expansionism

To deal with Trump, Trudeau should look to Chrétien

POLITICS (Troy Media) Proposed U.S. cuts to tax rates would reduce Canada’s competitiveness in attracting investment, workers and entrepreneurs. But our past offers a good solution

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