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How alcohol is killing Aboriginal Canadians

In his important book Firewater, Harold Johnson talks about the enormous problem of alcohol abuse that plagues so many Indigenous communities (FREE)

‘What gets measured gets done’

We lack critical information on the diverse and often unmet needs of Canadian children with disabilities, as well as the out-of-pocket costs paid by families (FREE)

Over-medicating to manage behaviour is damaging and wasteful

It’s time to talk about the overuse of antipsychotics among adults with developmental disabilities

For the sake of our kids, Calgary must end the anti-fluoride folly

FIRBY (Troy Media) Poor dental health in childhood becomes a lifelong burden, with consequences for those who can least afford dental care

Content knowledge is the foundation of quality education

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Content-rich instruction is key to reading comprehension and critical thinking, and it empowers disadvantaged students

The dangerous metaphor of medical warfare

HEALTH (Troy Media) Portraying baby Charlie Gard as a “warrior” led to a cascade of events detrimental to both him and all who cared for him

Canada must invest in better emergency care for children

CHILD CARE (Troy Media) A program based in Manitoba is working to share the vast knowledge and evidence produced at children’s hospitals across the country

In the fight for kids’ attention, parents don’t stand a chance

HEALTH (Troy Media) Study shows Canadian kids see more than 25 million online food and beverage ads a year – mostly for junk food. It’s time for that to end

Charting an inclusive, nurturing future for all Canadians

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) In celebrating Canada’s history, we recognize our accomplishments and we acknowledge our challenges which, if overcome, will ensure our future

Ottawa should leave daycare policy to the provinces

POLITICS (Troy Media) Goals imposed by Ottawa rob provinces of the flexibility to adjust policy. And the feds could add conditions over time, using funds as leverage

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