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Divide and conquer: how to deal with harsh criticism

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) We have a tendency to fixate on the most devastating of critiques, rather than focusing on the ones that offer honest, objective and useful feedback

The tiny facial cues that can tip you off

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Picking up the early cues gives you more time to take action, change what you’re doing or prepare for what’s coming next

Make a back flip over your fear

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) If fear is putting you in an inner conflict, try collaboration instead of fighting and imagine a more triumphant outcome

How we deal with conflict is all a matter of perspective

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) If our context is limited, the conclusions we make could be misleading. This puts us into unnecessary conflict because we simply don’t gather finer distinctions

Love thy neighbour? Well, maybe not always

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Bad neighbours are a fact of life, but before you end up in a feud or calling the bylaw officer, there are a few things you can do to find peace

Why won’t you clean up after your dog?

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Clearly signs don’t work; video surveillance isn’t effective; handing the culprit a bag only works if you witness the event; and enforcement is hit or miss

Did you hear about … how damaging gossip can be

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Like death and taxes, storytelling isn’t going to go away. But when we participate in gossip, our character and integrity are on the line

Take the time to walk a mile in my shoes

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Our reactions to perceptions that aren’t aligned with our own firmly-held beliefs often lead to misunderstandings and conflict

Learn to take life’s ups and downs in stride

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) To confront worry, plan for what you’ll do if the thing you’re fretting about happens, then gain control over your imagination

Trust yourself to make a leap of (informed) faith

WOOD (Troy Media) Your skill as a decision-maker depends on your willingness to make a mistake and manage a level of risk

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