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Taming the irrational beast called anger

WOOD (Troy Media) When strong negative emotions kidnap the thinking brain, we become scarcely more coherent than a wild animal

How to deal with unreasonable people, and win

WOOD (Troy Media) It’s difficult to deal with idiots but once you recognize the types, you can build strategies to minimize their impact on your life

The trouble with money

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) We crave, mythologize, demonize and fight wars over money. Why can’t we just treat it with respect and maintain harmony in the home?

Politics is filled with conflicting opinions, and that’s healthy

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Sure, conflict is uncomfortable. But if we’re not exposed to it occasionally, how will we ever get more comfortable being uncomfortable?

On the road to travel trauma? How to find a better route

TRAVEL/LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) When things aren’t going quite according to plan, breathe. No one likes travel stress, but sometimes we create our own problems and cause unnecessary delay

Managing boundaries without emotion or nasty payback

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) We’re often reluctant to establish a line when dealing with others because we don’t want to be seen as difficult. So instead we stew in our anger and resentment

The power of collaboration to spark success

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The mastermind concept is a simple yet wonderfully productive tool: spend time with the creative genius in your friend pool?

Mind magic: hypnosis can help you tackle problems

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) When the mind doesn’t know what to expect, it can conjure all kinds of frightening scenarios. Guided imagery influences the thoughts in a more productive manner

Navigating the big, bad world after graduation

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Given the high degree of uncertainty about the next few years, here are a few tips to help you retain at least a semblance of sanity as you look to your future

Divide and conquer: how to deal with harsh criticism

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) We have a tendency to fixate on the most devastating of critiques, rather than focusing on the ones that offer honest, objective and useful feedback

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