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Kudos to Toronto, but independent schools still face discrimination

(Troy Media) Subjecting parents choosing such schools for their children to extra costs is discriminatory

Toppling the misperceptions about home-schooling

(Troy Media) Home-schooling successes show that parents and kids can be far more responsible for decisions about their education than imagined

English public schools becoming less popular in Saskatchewan

EDUCATION (Troy Media) French schools increased their share of students, as did Catholic schools. And independent schools and home-schooling options are becoming far more popular

The shift away from public schools in B.C.

EDUCATION (Troy Media) B.C. policy-makers would be wise to take note that independent school enrolment is increasing and public school numbers are down

Getting the facts straight on Alberta independent school funding

POLITICS (Troy Media) The case for Alberta defunding independent schools is being made largely on the basis of mistaken analysis

Ontario should look west for solutions on independent school funding

EDUCATION (Troy Media) The province should end its outdated barriers to education choice for students and parents

Sweden gives parents more choice in education

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Sweden’s more competitive educational environment encourages – even forces – schools to respond to the needs, preferences and wishes of parents

Labour peace carries a high cost in Ontario schools

VANCOUVER (Troy Media) Premier Kathleen Wynne is pushing for an extended contract with teachers as she prepares to fight the next provincial election

The reality of independent school funding in British Columbia

VANCOUVER (Troy Media) Reducing or eliminating independent school funding would reduce parental choice, educational diversity, and may lower per student spending in public schools

Reality of education spending in Saskatchewan

VANCOUVER (Troy Media) Archaic regulations, union monopoly, lack of responsiveness to parents holding back the Saskatchewan public school system

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