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The decline of the American Republic

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) The collapse of Ancient Rome sent the Western world into centuries of darkness. Let’s hope it isn’t happening again

Shining a light on the dark side of municipal campaign financing

(Troy Media) By informing the public about who provided campaign support before the election, the public can watch for any favoritism after

Time to question foreign influence on Canada’s oil debate

(Troy Media) The Dogwood Initiative, Leadnow, and Greenpeace receive substantial funding from a U.S. advocacy group called Tides

Canadians need a civics education refresher

TAUBE (Troy Media) Americans are woefully ignorant of basic government functions; Canadians aren’t far behind

All the news that’s fit to print – and pay for

MACFADYEN (Troy Media) $350 million Canadian Journalism Fund is a small price to pay to ensure that Canadians will be provided with the chance to “read all about it”

Small Green Party may wield big power in B.C

POLITICS (Troy Media) Voters of smaller parties are empowered disproportionately in minority governments, at the expense of the majority of voters, who tend to vote for a main party

High noon at the Senate

POLITICS (Troy Media) The sleeping giant has only just started to twitch. If that giant is fully awake, the consequences for democracy could be disastrous

Why Canada should bring back leadership reviews

TAUBE (Troy Media) Political leaders would have to work more closely with caucuses to ensure loyalty, and make certain the right policies were being implemented

Trudeau government’s hidden tax increases flaunt democracy

KUNIN (Troy Media) The government wants to increase taxes on booze based on the Consumer Price Index, while denying the same right to revenue it provides to Canadians

Bridging the gap that Trump has created

ROBINSON (Troy Media) Let’s try to do what Trump doesn’t. Let’s open our hearts and minds and try to grow together

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