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The decline of the American Republic

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) The collapse of Ancient Rome sent the Western world into centuries of darkness. Let’s hope it isn’t happening again

A respectful protest turns into political football

MCEWAN (Troy Media) If NFL owners cave in to public pressure and ban taking a knee, they will only be seen as kneeling to Trump

NAFTA assault may force Canada to spread its wings

FIRBY (Troy Media) The ongoing Trump follies may force us to become a more independent country

Touchdown! Donald Trump scores in his fight with NFL players

TAUBE (Troy Media) Five easy ways the president will win his battle with NFL players over taking a knee during the U.S. anthem

Trump pulling Canada into a NAFTA quagmire

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) Canada should not fall into the trap of believing that traditional Canadian-U.S. goodwill will prevail with the president

When sports and politics collide on the social field of play

(Troy Media) In fractious times, like today, we need everyone – including athletes – to speak out when they see injustice and inequality

Canada and the U.S.: A tale of two countries

(Troy Media) Compared to the Americans, we’re showcasing a national unity and sense of purpose that verges on the exemplary

Is Trump unstable and therefore unable?

KINSELLA (Troy Media) Trump’s regime won’t offer its president for examination by anyone’s head shrink. If he’s removed, it won’t be because of the constitution’s 25th Amendment

Chaos on the poop deck but the U.S. ship sails on

WORLD (Troy Media) Donald Trump’s vision is myopic and shambolic, but there appears to be only the promise of more of the same in the future

Divining the truth about Trump

WORLD (Troy Media) Traditional news sources may be too caught up in their private war with the American president to be objective or even reliable

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