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National pharmacare has the power to heal an ailing system

Universal drug coverage for Canada may offer a small personal loss for a few but a larger public gain (FREE!)

NAFTA renegotiations threaten Canada’s steps toward pharmacare

HEALTH (Troy Media) Canada must both defend the existing public health-care system as well protect its aspirations to creating a better one

Proposed changes could reduce access to prescription drugs

POLITICS (Troy Media) While well-intentioned, changes to Patented Medicine Prices Review Board could stop companies from launching new drugs

Free medicines for rich kids is a fair and efficient policy

HEALTH (Troy Media) Universality is no free ride for the rich. If everyone pays, say, a one per cent income tax for universal drug coverage, the millionaire will pay much more

Starting with kids defensible first step toward universal pharmacare

HEALTH (Troy Media) But Ontario budget commitment won’t solve all the problems of drug access in Canada, not even in Ontario

Sustainable pharmacare requires a business-like approach

Out of control spending on Ontario’s drug plan could undermine efforts to provide coverage to all those in Ontario and across Canada

Why Canada needs universal pharmacare and how to make it happen

HEALTH ( Troy Media) Prescription drug coverage for all would save lives, save billions of dollars, help businesses – and make our incomplete health system whole

Canada should stop living in the health-care funding past

HEALTH (Troy Media) Governments should work together to fund pharmacare, dental care and rehabilitation as part of an improved funding model

Four ways to save money on your prescription medications

HEALTH (Troy Media) Canadians pay some of the highest prices for prescription drugs in the developed world

Universal pharmacare will cut costs and save lives

HEALTH (Troy Media) When it comes to prescription drug coverage, our health system has plenty in common with the United States – and that’s not a good thing

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