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Canada’s health-care system fails to account for senior migration

Migrating seniors pay most of their lifetime taxes in one province and then consume most of their health care in another (FREE)

‘What gets measured gets done’

We lack critical information on the diverse and often unmet needs of Canadian children with disabilities, as well as the out-of-pocket costs paid by families (FREE)

National pharmacare has the power to heal an ailing system

Universal drug coverage for Canada may offer a small personal loss for a few but a larger public gain (FREE!)

Putting patients first can save Canada’s health system

Patients First could be an incredible moment for health sector leaders to dramatically reshape how health care is delivered

Private health care isn’t the problem, it’s part of the solution

HEALTH (Troy Media) While some patients may be able to wait for treatment without suffering adverse consequences, many others may be in pain, unable to work or live full lives

What should we pay for in our publicly-funded health system?

HEALTH (Troy Media) If we are going to invest more money, we should place it where we can improve people’s health, recognizing that more service is not always better

Making sense of health funding dollars and cents

HEALTH/POLITICS (Troy Media) There are provincial winners and losers in the changing world of the Canada Health Transfer and the future could hold even larger discrepancies in funding

Mapping the route to more effective health care

HEALTH (Troy Media) To improve value and spur innovation, we need to change the way we pay for health care by encouraging those providers who experiment and innovate

Canada’s health-care system crucial to our nation – but needs help

HEALTH (Troy Media) Our health system is about values that define our society, helping the most vulnerable and placing well-being above wealth

Improving our health care starts with courage

FIRBY (Troy Media) We have a health care system worth building on but nurturing it to its full potential is in our hands

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