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Shining a light on the dark side of municipal campaign financing

(Troy Media) By informing the public about who provided campaign support before the election, the public can watch for any favoritism after

Time to question foreign influence on Canada’s oil debate

(Troy Media) The Dogwood Initiative, Leadnow, and Greenpeace receive substantial funding from a U.S. advocacy group called Tides

Small Green Party may wield big power in B.C

POLITICS (Troy Media) Voters of smaller parties are empowered disproportionately in minority governments, at the expense of the majority of voters, who tend to vote for a main party

Changing B.C.’s electoral system requires a referendum

POLITICS (Troy Media) Because electoral reform was not a major issue in the recent election campaign, the Green Party can’t claim a legitimate mandate for change without public input

Electoral reform by any other name is still progress

POLITICS (Troy Media) Relax party discipline to dent the iron control of a majority government, forcing it to make compromises and behave less like a dictatorship

N.B. on its way to building a more inclusive democracy

POLITICS (Troy Media) Electoral reform recommendations seek to build a bigger democratic tent and populate it with under-represented New Brunswickers

Canada must push forward on electoral reform

POLITICS (Troy Media) Coalition governments aren’t perfect but when we take time to listen respectfully to each other we come up with solutions where everyone benefits

Hasty change to Canada’s electoral system never made sense

POLITICS (Troy Media) Before any changes are made or any referendums held, Canadians must understand that many of the proposed alternatives come with drawbacks

Electoral reform is dead for now. But not forever

TAUBE (Troy Media) Many Canadians are confused by the lofty alphabet soup of models, leading to several high-profile failures on the provincial front

Electoral reform impossible in a system at war with itself

NEIMAN (Troy Media) Is there still a centre in Canada where we can recognize that the greater good stretches beyond personal gain and find compromises?

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