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Fill those profit holes before they sink your business

ENTREPRENEURSHIP/SMALL BUSINESS (Troy Media) Unless you’re a careful operator, you may find yourself among the 60 per cent of businesses where the owners receive very little money at the end of the day

How to influence people – and avoid headaches

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Bashing noggins isn’t the best way to deliver a message. Become a better business operator by understanding why your staff behave the way they do

Protect yourself from the unexpected realities of life

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Seek professional help if your financial plan doesn’t protect you from the four Ds: death, divorce, disability and disaster

Learning from the resolve of zero-gravity spiders

BOOK REVIEW (Troy Media) Rejected in love? Lost a job? Experienced a serious medical condition? Gone through a financial crisis? Spiders In Space offers comfort

God rested on the 7th day. Why not you?

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Troy Media) Working smarter, not harder, will make you more money. Take time off to think about other things and to refresh your mind, body and spirits

Paying a high price for success, even after you die

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) There’s no hiding from the success tax, but several things can help legally reduce or even eliminate the amount your estate or your heirs pay

Write down and share your recipe for success

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Troy Media) One of the keys to business success is consistency. So set up a step-by-step processes to get the best results every time you do things

Systems are the key to your business success

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Troy Media) Ensuring consistency in the delivery of services and products will reduce the stress on your employers, employees, management team and customers

Adapting to life in post-recession Alberta

BUSINESS (Troy Media) We might be on the cusp of a transformative wave that will reshape the future of work, but that’s not all doom and gloom

Your financial adviser’s interests may not align with yours

This is part 2 in our series Invest your TFSAs

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Do your homework. Look with a critical eye at your service providers. After all, it is your money

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