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In desperate times, business owners must shift strategies

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Troy Media) Leaders who make quick, smart decisions in times of difficulty and follow through are significantly more successful than owners who waffle

Are changes to Canada’s tax code being driven by job churn?

(Troy Media) Soon, half the workforce will be self-employed, compared with 20 per cent now, leading to a considerable loss to our tax base

Pricing mistakes every business makes

FULLER (Troy Media) Setting a pricing policy and regularly reviewing those prices and strategies allows you to price for profit and success

Tax reforms may be a turning point in Liberal political fortunes

(Troy Media) Trudeau’s political blindness when it comes to “unfair” small business tax loopholes is staggering

Toxic bosses a career-builder’s worst nightmare

(Troy Media) Technology industries are rife with toxic managers, many are brilliant but twisted geeks responsible for creating breakthrough technology

Are great sales people born or trained?

(Troy Media) Selling might come naturally to some people, but there’s often more than meets the eye to a truly great salesperson

Playing to win in the business world

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Troy Media) Make certain the odds are in your favour – think about what your business is or can be better at than your competition

How to make organizational values come alive

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Six tips you should follow when creating your values strategy

Did lululemon make a mistake giving away free clothes?

BUSINESS (Troy Media) How much leeway do you give your employees to be generous with your products or services?

Do immigrants work harder?

With limited resources to fall back on and failure not an option, newcomers buckle down and make the most of their new life

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