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Is Europe at a crossroads?

MICALLEF (Troy Media) The next few years will determine whether Europe’s current problems represent bumps in the road or a fundamental turning point in its grand vision

Saving the euro: Why Germany must bring back the mark

MICALLEF (Troy Media) Germany must exit the increasingly dysfunctional eurozone to allow its other members to benefit from a cheaper euro

Putin’s risky Syrian gambit is not serving him well

MICALLEF (Troy Media) While former KGB agent Vladimir Putin no longer reports to anyone, that doesn’t mean a demotion might not be in his future

Can Russia and the United States be allies?

MICALLEF (Troy Media) Expanded co-operation with the West and an increase in Russia’s role in combatting jihadism would come at a steep price — for both sides

Ireland braces for fundamental change

MURPHY (Troy Media) Tectonic shifts may be in the offing in the wake of a startling Northern Ireland election result and with Brexit hanging menacingly over Ireland

NATO needs to rebuild its capabilities

BACKGROUNDER (Troy Media) NATO needs to return to the basics, dust off the old manuals from the Cold War, and think through what is really required to successfully defend Eastern Europe

NATO urgently needs to redefine its mission

WORLD (Troy Media) NATO needs to redefine the kinds of threats it is designed to oppose to reflect the current tactics in the Kremlin’s playbook

Shopping for European health care is not the cure

HEALTH (Troy Media) Selecting features from European systems and pasting them into Canadian medicare will not magically give us a “European” model

CETA is an intrepid Canadian opportunity

BUSINESS (Troy Media) The bad news is that the long roller-coaster ride over the trade deal with Europe isn’t over – ratification may still hold some surprises

The real reason Europeans oppose CETA

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Opposition to the trade deal with Canada is growing because of the controversial foreign investor protection system it contains

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