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Brief encounters can change your perspective of others

MCEWAN (Troy Media) Brief encounters, like taxi trips, help us make connections with those whose circumstances and experiences differ from ours, but with whom we share our humanity

Dignity is at the heart of a person’s ability to thrive

MCEWAN (Troy Media) Participants at a poverty reduction summit discover the need for economic security, material and emotional well-being – and to belong and be cherished

Caring for the body, mind and soul in the great outdoors

MCEWAN (Troy Media) Time spent in the natural world nourishes our soul, makes us more receptive to goodness and beauty, helps us perceive truth, and opens us to the presence of God

Hippity hoppity: following the trail of the Easter bunny’s origins

MCEWAN (Troy Media) What do bunnies and eggs have to do with the religious celebration of Easter, the most important feast day of the Christian calendar?

Married priests would broaden perspective of Catholic Church

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) While there are significant challenges, married priests would be a boon to a church suffering from a lack of manpower

Women are mining and refining a changing world

MCEWAN (Troy Media) Across the globe, individuals, institutions and organizations are seeking ways to empower women. The changes wrought in the lives of women benefit everyone

Franklin Graham an odd choice for Festival of Hope

MCEWAN (Troy Media) Graham’s negative comments on Islam, immigration and homosexuality have ruffled more than a few feathers

Valentine’s Day is about making everyone feel special

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) In an otherwise ho-hum, often dreary month, Valentine’s Day rituals brighten the landscape of the heart

It’s your legacy: you can have an impact on the world

MCEWAN (Troy Media) We may not get the nod from Time magazine, but each of us leaves a legacy, playing a part in the unfolding of society, for better or worse

How to avoid giving in to sweet temptation

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) I resolve to find more positive and practical ways to overcome my fruitless struggles with new year’s resolutions

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