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Maintaining health is a two-way street

CAREGIVING (Troy Media) Family caregivers and professional providers must work together to achieve well-being for people with chronic and complex diseases

Families are key members of patients’ hospital care teams

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Wards are staffed based on caring for a sick but otherwise self-sufficient patient population. The reality is patients need family caregivers in the hospital

Offering care the most natural of gifts

CAREGIVING (Troy Media) Offering care is who we are; propelled by practise, learning and love, it’s where we most often locate meaning and purpose in our lives

Tying up the loose ends of life

HEALTH/LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The first anniversary of legal doctor-assisted suicide muddies the discussion-of-death waters. Preparing for death needs to focus on the completion of living

“Be prepared” is the natural caregiver’s motto

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) When natural disaster strikes, caregivers need to know the risks, have a plan, a network of support in place, and an emergency kit at hand

A caregiver’s perspective: Do you see what I see?

CARING CONNECTIONS: No professional care provider can see what we see – what was, what is and what can be for our family members and friends

No going back from suddenly becoming a caregiver

CAREGIVING (Troy Media) There are a few basic truths that reveal themselves in almost every story of sudden-onset caregiving. The first is that love remains intact

Coping with the family burdens related to caregiving

CAREGIVING (Troy Media) Our weekly Caring Connections column will examine the issues of caregiving in Canadian society, and what we can do to alleviate some of the burden

Don’t applaud caregivers, provide them with more support

FAMILY (Troy Media) Governments need to move beyond the rhetoric of caregiver recognition and improve access to caregiver support services and patient care resources

It’s time to change the culture of living with a disability in Canada

HEALTH (Troy Media) The disability family has been an afterthought for governments, service agencies and organizations for far too long

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