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The new breed of chef is cooking with gas

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The Farmer is already planning his next menu. It will likely be some candied meat dish – or meat stuffed with meat. Vegetarians beware

A Canadian delicacy claws its way back into the market

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Lobster is so popular these days, McDonald’s ditched its McLobster due to higher prices. Still, things are looking up for the ‘chicken of the sea’

Guiding Canada down a multicultural food path, with consequences

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The next food guide will make the disconnect between Canadian agricultural policies and food consumption much more obvious

Counting calories is bad science, and doesn’t work anyway

HEALTH (Troy Media) It seems that those who eat at fast food restaurants know what they want, healthy or not, and nothing will change that other than higher taxes

Generation X the lost food generation

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Generation Xers grew up in an era when food was functional and boring. As a result, many don’t cook and have little interest in the culinary culture

All the food we eat has been modified by humans

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The world of food marketing is full of deception. The truth is there is very little that’s ‘natural’ about our food, but that doesn’t make it dangerous

CETA set to dramatically alter Canada’s dairy industry

BUSINESS (Troy Media) A clear road map to make our dairy sector more competitive is urgently needed as it faces more European imports

Planting the seeds for broader understanding of food’s origins

SCIENCE (Troy Media) In the retail food business, customers have plenty of questions about how their food is produced. The answers often surprise them

Are we witnessing the slow death of cooking?

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Recent surveys suggest the average adult spends more time watching cooking shows than actually cooking

Rotten apples: food fraud is everyone’s problem

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Technology will ultimately take the guesswork out of shopping at the grocery story and making menu choices, but for now consumers must be vigilant

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