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Sports may have reached its TV saturation point

DOWBIGGIN With the exception of a few remarkable spectacles like the current World Series, major sports tend to be omnipresent but monotonous ($$)

Dissing female sports reporters is just equal treatment

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) Charlotte Observer reporter Jourdan Rodrique was treated like almost all reporters are treated by most athletes. With disdain

The brutal truth about football’s waning popularity

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) As devastating hits and debilitating injuries rise, football faces a diminished audience. Can the sport curb its most violent tendencies and survive?

Hamilton’s desperate third-down gamble

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) What were the Ticats thinking? Hiring someone who looked the other way as his stars engaged in sordid behaviour would never get a generous hearing

Ringing the Bell on American ads during Super Bowl broadcasts

(Troy Media) The CRTC, led by its new chairman, is expected to reverse the controversial decision related to simultaneous ad substitution

Newspeak and the dystopian world of the CFL

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) The benign endorsement of the Liberal’s Diversity Is Strength dogma puts the league in the political spotlight – where it doesn’t belong

CFL: The Dark League Rises (again)

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) The three-down football league seems to move from one episode of crisis to another. But every spring it emerges again, despite its critics – and itself

The sports world’s TV-fed money pipeline is drying up

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) Young viewers are tuning out TV networks and turning to tablets or phones for their live sports. Even worse, many are ignoring sports completely

Touchdown: an NFL franchise in Canada would score big

TAUBE (Troy Media) A Toronto team would easily sell out. New advertising revenue, jobs and industries would be created. Hotels, restaurants and bars would flourish

The NFL’s questionable social conscience

SPORTS (Troy Media) A league that claims to care about any number of ailments in today’s society can’t even look after one player’s health problems

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