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Nowhere to hide from 21st century retribution

Nowhere to hide from 21st century retribution

Righteous indignation and claims to victimhood are instant and valuable weapons in a world driven by social media (FREE)

Can’t we just talk politely about climate change?

Cheap shots from both sides won’t get us closer to solutions about managing our planet’s future – and the potential impact on billions of lives (FREE!)

The Halloween costume conundrum

With a whole industry made up of people ready to points fingers, it is getting harder and harder to pick one

Hefner, Weinstein and the tawdry, damaging world of modern sex

The personal price for satisfaction for the Playboy founder and his disciples, but extremely high for society

Is there really bias in the news media?

(Troy Media) Don’t expect objectivity from newspaper and television news, which tends to lean left

Manitoba’s flagship university is failing students

(Troy Media) What can be done about it?

Is justice pricing really justice or just plain hate?

(Troy Media) This isn’t a time for Canadians to be segregating each other, or rushing to put themselves and their neighbours into hyphenated categories

Putting a muzzle on those you disagree with

(Troy Media) Mark Kingwell is vexed by the failure of democracy to silence the speech of those he disagrees with

Statues tell a story that people need to hear

HISTORY (Troy Media) You could fill volumes with the uncomfortable statements uttered in the past by people whom we now revere, from Abraham Lincoln to Mahatma Gandhi

Cornwallis and Ryerson: heroes or villains?

POLITICS (Troy Media) Recognizing that all of us are an amalgam of good deeds and bad attitudes will save us from a ceaseless round of endless moaning about the sins of our ancestors

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