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Market factors, not national strategies, make housing affordable

As homes age, they should filter through various socio-economic strata. But construction approval roadblocks slow that process to a crawl (FREE)

Bring out the best in others by bringing out the best in yourself

CHIDIAC The desire to love and serve others is innate in the human spirit. And those traits can help us accomplish great things as a society (BASIC membership)

The work to end poverty and homelessness is just beginning

The work to end poverty and homelessness is just beginning

The National Housing Strategy’s $40-billion investment is good news for Canada. But the devil is in the details (FREE)

Housing First can curb the high cost of homelessness

(Troy Media) Homelessness costs Canadians big money without addressing the causes

Can $11 billion end homelessness in Canada?

POLITICS (Troy Media) Building structures isn’t enough. But by bringing together supports and housing, we can give homes to people who struggle with health and shelter needs

The best kind of social medicine in Medicine Hat

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) By eliminating homelessness, the Alberta city has reduced the crime rate, the workload on first responders, hospital emergency visits and pressure on the courts

Vancouver’s tax on vacant homes misses the point

MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS (Troy Media) When new homes don’t keep up with demand, buyers or renters bid for a dwindling pool of listings, pushing prices up and people out

A national housing strategy will save Canadian lives

POVERTY (Troy Media) Not having a home can be lethal – homelessness causes premature death, poor health and is a significant burden on our health-care system

Why Canada needs a national housing strategy now

TORONTO (Troy Media) By providing secure, safe housing, we are also addressing persistent health problems

Homelessness shouldn’t be a crime

FREE: The outcome of several legal decisions might just change the way we view homelessness

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