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Out of the closet, slowly and cautiously

Britain’s 1957 Wolfenden Report was the first step towards changing legal and social perspectives on homosexuality in the English-speaking world

Are you gay?

KINSELLA (Troy Media) When a personal question becomes a political issue – and hypocrites like Jason Kenney dare to suggest we infringe on the rights of others, including children

Punishing someone for who they are perverse

LEICESTER (Troy Media) Religion implicated in homophobia that led to the killings in Orlando

Report promoting Gay-Straight Alliances ignores Canadian law

FREE TO SUBSCRIBERS: GSAs in schools are potentially in violation of laws relating to the corruption of a minor

Alberta government determined to continue oppressing gays

FREE! Section 11.1 of the Human Rights Act makes it illegal for a teacher to address “religion, human sexuality or sexual orientation” in the classroom