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Trudeau’s legacy a growing national debt burden

Trudeau’s legacy a growing national debt burden

After only two years in office, Trudeau’s legacy on federal debt is already becoming clear, and future generations of Canadians will pay for it (FREE!)

Economic storm clouds on Canada’s horizon

Economic storm clouds on Canada’s horizon

This year’s uptick in economic growth has nothing to do with current government policy that is expected to hamper future business expansion

Trudeau a true believer in the nanny state

(Troy Media) Thinks Canadians can only achieve better lives by becoming dependent on government

Trudeau’s tax cutting rhetoric doesn’t match reality

(Troy Media) The government has raised income taxes on the majority of middle-class Canadian families, despite repeated claims of the opposite

NAFTA negotiations: Canada has it backwards on worker choice

(Troy Media) Worker choice laws encourage unions to be more accountable to their members, and contribute to a stronger economy and labour market

Canada’s job-growth, employment rates lag behind U.S

(Troy Media) A series of policy choices have made Canada less attractive for investment, businesses, entrepreneurs and skilled workers

Alberta a black hole for private sector jobs

(Troy Media) The province’s overall score on labour market performance is in the bottom half of North American jurisdictions

The unintended, and painful, consequences of a $15 minimum wage

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) A government-mandated increase in the price of low-skilled labour tends to lead employers to reduce their labour force

Evidence clear: Minimum wage hikes hurt most vulnerable

POLITICS (Troy Media) University of Waterloo study confirms that the young and immigrants lose out on jobs when minimum wage rises

Ottawa should leave daycare policy to the provinces

POLITICS (Troy Media) Goals imposed by Ottawa rob provinces of the flexibility to adjust policy. And the feds could add conditions over time, using funds as leverage

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